How do you do it?

How do you do it? Make me feel like I do..

had a crappy few days..worked all day monday..
was in town all day yesterday, getting rather pissed off because of fucking mini-moshers :| of course, Slipknot were doing a signing at Virgin yesterday, so everywhere was absolutely crawling with little fuckers in Slipknot hoodies. I HATE SLIPKNOT so much..

Anyways..was in town all day yesterday with Soraya..did shite all really, just fucked around till 7, went to Starbucks, Shopping, The Kings Cross, and then went to the station where we met her friend Sadie and then went to The Edge..spent from bout 8 till 11 there, had a few drinks and a mess around..very friendly atmosphere there, its a gay bar so I guessed it would be like that (as is the Kings Cross).
Anyways…sitting on my ass all day today unless i can be bothered goin out somewhere which, from where i’m sat now, looks very unlikely.

Got a few questions to ask about my dream last nite, why on earth, would there be a framed picture of Marilyn Manson and an animation studio at Bristol Airport? And, why was my teacher Bob Hoskins, who hated me? weird…

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