well i’m officially down again.

well i’m officially down again. It’s really starting to piss me off how one second I can be happy, but the next..something hurts me and i’m depressingly low.. :(
I’m listening to manson though, so hopefully he’ll help me up again as he always does. Seems like he’s the only one thats good to me.
I’ve been trying my best recently to impress and gain the love/trust of someone that i really like, but..well, all is not going to plan :|

I went to work in bluemoon this afternoon, that made me happy :D it was really busy because of the Football (Worthington Cup Final) and the club being right across from the stadium just made things worse..i’m officially a bartender (now i just need to find a theif and we can be lovers :D) anyways..post later..head messed right now. thinking about too much.

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