well, what a shite weekend.

well, what a shite weekend. All in all, it was total shit really.
Friday night, drunk a pint of Gin before going out to the bluemoon, so I was totally fucked off my face, therefor not being able to remember the night at all, totally ruined it for me :| grr. ffs, how stupid am i.
Saturday wasnt too bad..was great actually :) but didnt do anything in the night, just lazed about.
Sunday, watched the Grand Prix, finally..something that can occupy me ech. and the rest of the day was spent sitting about on the computer doing absolutely nothing productive at all. God I hate this.

I was looking at a load of camgirl sites yesterday..and u know what i noticed? They all look almost exactly the same :|
right, here are a few links..check them out, tell me if they dont look exactly the same..have exactly the same content, but changed to fit the person.. http://www.girlracer.org/~ack/ : http://misfit.grayglitter.org/ : http://lovestruck.net/shutup/tryme.html : http://pink-shoes.nu/main.html

Oh well..
anyways..in other news..Ruth has been offline since err, thursday now..which is pretty crappy because she’s like the only person i properly talk to :| grr..her comp is broken, therefor her journal, site, etc also arent getting updated. :| grr
Still listening to NiN, definately growing on me..never really listened to them before, but now..are quite good :) something original with every song, which is cool.
Friday night was a bitch because I was so drunk that I ended up having a go at Soraya which I said I wouldnt do anymore, ech. grr. I hate me.

My computer has been turned on for 4 days now without being switched off, a new record for me, lol :) that means the cam has also been on for 4 days straight, lol. watching me in bed..hah.
Hmmm, what else was i gonna say…hmm.. ahh yes, visit Emma’s commoonitie :) lol http://communities.msn.com/zebedee182 <--she put a pic of me there :P heehee I need fansigns! I have had one yet, and i’m feeling rather neglected. :( Camgirls get all the hits, all the exposure..us camguys dont get shit..and its rather poo in my opinion :| grr..camgirls are shallow. they exchange stripteases and big titties for hits, presents, click on banners etc. :| they’re just whoring themselves, thats what I think anywho :) no offence to any camgirls who may be reading this :)

I was thinking last night of setting up my own charity. I mean, there are so many charitable causes nowadays, u dont know which ones to give to! so..i’m gonna set up the WFS <--the World Fund for Suicide.
Help those in need..did u know that there are people in the world who dont have knives, razors or long lengths of rope with which to commit suicide? Its tragic..i know :( Donate to the WFS and help us build bridges for those who dont have them, to jump off..buy high quality rope to help people that dont have the resources and of course, 10″ knives, because some people out there are using only 4″ ones :(

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