Woohoo! I’ve gone from being

Woohoo! I’ve gone from being on Page10 with 1 vote this morning, to being on page 4 with 13 votes this evening :) all because I changed around the voting banners and added a few more places to vote :D god that rules, i’m getting so many more hits..and it finally seems like all my hard work for this site is paying off :)

Check THIS out :) I got bored this morning :P

Today has been almost a complete waste..spent the day on the computer in front of the cam..made a few calls, and have 2 job interviews this week, one of which i’m definately going to get :) hehe.
One is 2morow at 11am with a taxi firm (remember, i’m just getting a job for 6 months before I go to college) taking telephone calls etc. and the other is working at the celtic manor hotel with my mates Dan and Alex (check out the pics page) (this is the one i’m most likely to get)

Anyways..gonna stay up for a few more hours..till 2am perhaps (its 11pm now)

Keep voting!! :D yay! thanx guys

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