“no hesitation, no delay, you

“no hesitation, no delay, you come on just like Special K”

Well, I’ve had a good few days :D
Thursday was great, I had my first ever piercing, aah!

I had my lip done at Blue Banana :o) And best thing was, it did hurt at all..and it still doesnt, 2 days later :D Made me so happy, for once.
Friday…11:20am, dental appointment..and guess what, I had my braces off!!!!!! OMG!!! AFTER 3 YEARS, I finally had them off! This was like, the best day of my life..because I hated them so much..I really really did.. :( But now, they’re gone! :D :D :D <--smiles all around :)
Walking back from the dentist then, I went into my old place of work, that I quit 2 weeks ago..to get my final paycheque..I had only worked one day, so was expecing a stupid £15 cheque or something..I walked outta the store, looked at the cheque..and it was made out for “Two Hundred and Fifty Two Pounds and Fifteen Pence —Only” I was like, WTF?! OMG! Things are finally going right for me!! :D I didnt take one day of paid holiday in the year I was there, so they paid it all to me in one lump sum :D this absolutely rules :):):):) So now, i’m not skinted nemore…well, when the cheque clears (Tuesday/Wednesday).

I was supposed to go to the cinema friday evening with Sara and Kate..but that didnt happen because nobody could get hold of sara..grr.
So, I went to the bluemoon club anyways.. :) I was tipsy when I got there, but..not as bad as last week..i was concious :p
The night was quite crap really..but, gladly..only one bad thing happened all night :) as opposed to like, 1,000 on any normal friday night there :) Saturdays are better there I find..last Saturday I went to there, it was quite quiet, more cosy..and I got even more fucked than usual :P lol. Bla..newho, last nite me and Alex got thrown out at about 2:20 or something for going topless :P LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL, I mean, WHAT?! It was fucking boiling down on the moshpit/dancefloor :):) teeheehee
Went into BurgerKing to get food..then started the long trek home, on foot, as usual.
U know what..u really do appreciate the comfortableness of shoes after you’ve donated your shoes to a mates girlfriend and walked 3/4 of a mile down Newport Road with just socks on..u really do not know how comfortable a pair of vans are after that :)
Anyways..got in..went to bed :)
This morning, woke up..feeling quite good :) and even though the one event of last nite is still getting at me (:|) I feel really happy still..i’m gonna be really stupid now and text Soraya, lol..that’ll get me down, I’m sure :) lol.

Oh yeah, thats another thing..I’ve been told i’m narcissistic and arrogant..i just call it liking you..you know who you are.

Gotta go into town for 3:30..meeting Gareth..who’s meeting some girl..hopefully she has friends :P ( not that I will get newhere, but..u know..its always fun to look :) )
Going to the Cinema then at 5 with Jo…I HAVE to see “A Beautiful Mind”..the one with Russel Crow..it looks so great..:) Anyways..will tell you if it lives up to my expectations when I get back later :)



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