hey there..sorry i havent updated

hey there..sorry i havent updated in a while, been a busy week.
Worked up at the Celtic Manon on Monday and Tuesday…but decided it was an absolutely shit job, so I quit on Wednesday…later that afternoon I was offered a new job :) yay..I’m finally going to work in an office, YAY..sitting at a desk all day answering telephone calls and farting around with computers, sounds like my dream job :) I love office work by the way, so dont critisise me :| grrr..
Today I went into town with Chris and Emma..bla bla..did the usual, bought a few things..went home.

Was reading something on BBC News online just now that has made me quite mad…read this..

“But the suggestion of routine arming of police was criticised by Rex Makin, a solicitor representing the family of Andrew Kernan from Liverpool.

He was shot dead by police in July 2001 as he brandished a Samurai sword.”

notice how he was shot because he brandished a Samurai sword..
it went on to say

“If they can shoot Andrew Kernan then lord knows who else some trigger-happy policeman will shoot.”

What the fuck?! What is this family/solicitor trying to prove? That its perfectly normal to run around with a 30 inch fucking sword? my god..that makes me mad..but also makes me laugh at the same time, to think that people can win stupid cases like that.
I saw that story on the news actually, the guy (Andrew Kernan) walked into a very busy public area and pulled out this sword…just a few months after an MP was killed in London with a similar weapon..what were the police supposed to do? “Calm down sir..put the huge fuck off blade down..” :| yea rite..they made the right choice shooting the bastard. Feel free to MAIL ME with your thoughts on this..I’ll publish every comment.


  1. What about about a person running in a bad neighbourhood around 2 am? Police start chasing and tell the person running to stop. The person stops and comes up with a small water pistol in each hand. Because it is dark the police think they are derringers and shot the person. WHAT WILL HAPPEN = WILL HAPPEN The police always act in their best interest to not get hurt. The always want to overwhelm with numbers and force. That is their training.

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