aaagh, i havent posted here

aaagh, i havent posted here for 2 weeks now! ach!
I feel so neglective…pooo.

Anyways, I started my new job the day after my last post :)
I now work at Initial CityLink, off Newport Road in Cardiff.
I’m whats called a ‘CSO’, a Customer Service Operator.
Basically, I answer phone calls, do a lot of filing, faxing, and things, tracing parcels etc.
It’s great, it takes brains, so it suits me better than any shitty restaurant, shop, bar job that i have had in the past. I feel intellectually stimulated throughout my day..which is great :) Inspires me..

I have been having problems with my cable modem recently, it was off for 52 hours between Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon :\ which really did piss me off a lot. :| Not Happy.

I found a brilliant site today :D Greeeeat :), the whole house is totally wired..everything that goes into the bin is barcode scanned and displayed on the site, weird things like that! I wanna do that!! wooo

System of a down at Nottingham is tommorrow! WOOOOOOOOOOO..I’m soooo excited! The concert starts at 7:30…we’re getting into Nottingham at, we have a few hours to explore the city, where I have never been before. Should be a great day out :) Just hope its, hot..BBC Weather is saying its going to be “Max: 12/53
Min: 8/46
” so…hmm, bearable. :)
Gonna make a cd or two tonight..cos we leave Cardiff at 7:45am..a 5 hour journey..with a 40 minute bus change/stop off at Birmingham.

Watching the Brazilian Grand Prix right now..seems hot enough there!
Had lotsa eggs today..dunno what for..o well. :)

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