ech..not a bad week..not a

ech..not a bad week..not a good weeks are all the same of recent :(
Work full time is ok..but, its very monotonous…just going to have to get used to it I s’pose..every day is the same shit..
I decided to open up to my office today..instead of being quiet..etc. opening my mouth on the odd occassion..I decided to participate and, essentially..become a bigmouth like everyone know what..a lot of things changed over the course of those 2 hours..more changed, relationship wise..over those 2 hours..than in the last 3 weeks..its crazy.

Everyone started talking..Sarah started being weird..and i was just pissing myself laughing while trying to take phone calls..we played games of ‘Boy, Girl, Fruit, Flower’ when it got quiet..and as usual, had to sit through Becky’s stories of her periods, and shite…always puts me off my food..

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