oooo man, why do i

oooo man, why do i do this to myself….? my head is absolutely THROBBING….yes..went out again last nite to the bluemoon..too much alcohol by miles..

woke up this morning next to a Burger King bag with mayo, loadsa fries and a chicken royal (which i’ll put in the microwave later :P)

cant get hold of kate, phone engaged :(
my scars are healing up pretty nicely :)

gonna go into town today, find alex…buy our Ozzfest tickets (YAY!) and Kerrang club tickets for 2nite (boo!)
i’m gonna make an appearance at Kerrang club 2nite which is in cardiff for the nite, even though I despise Kerrang because its basically…crap. Follows trends, totally. Stick to Metal Hammer personally :) yay.

Should have a metal hammer nite…:D

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