yea..i know what ur thinking..”damn..every

yea..i know what ur thinking..
“damn..every time i come to this site it has a new design!”
well..your probably right :P
had a shit week this week really..not shit as in bad..
shit as in boring.

Spent the weekend doing shit really..
went over the castle saturday, sunday and monday (bank holiday!) and just chilled out with the guys as usual..will probably do the same on Saturday and Sunday of this week too..

gonna try and wangle some money off my mum to go out on friday, since I spent all my wages already (eep) but..only a week till payday so..yay, more money :)

I should write more deep stuff in here like everyone else does in their blogs..I always mean to..but..dont get the time nor the patience :| well..
i havent drunk much this week…which is an achievement (drunk as in, alcohol).
It was only the week before last my parents found out I was an alcoholic :| eck.

Oh well..back to work 2morow but…yaaaaa..weekend :)

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