another day comes..another day goes..friday

another day comes..another day goes..
friday night..spent the nite at emma’s..
took over about a litre of vodka..which was demolished between the two of use before the end of the night.

I left at 2am..put emma to bed after she spent like an hour with her head buried in the toilet..poor baby :(
I then proceeded the stumble home..walkman on my head..singing all the way from her house to mine (bout 15 mins) :D lol – its what friday nights are made for :)

Saturday..woke up about 11:30..managed to catch the F1 Qualifying (race today..yaa!) then got a lift from the parents into town..sat in the castle for about errm..well..from 3 till that long..
then walked home..
then spent my nite on the :)
and now..after going to bed at 3am…here I am 10am
rarrrrrrrrrr! (scare ya?)
I’ve been thinking a lot of stuff recently.. :\
Parents are away all this week..going to London..home alone :)

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