u know what…I despise townies..in

u know what…I despise townies..in fact..i wish they would all go to hell

I walked home from town tonight as I always do after a night out.
if I had walked home from town before 9pm I would have been harassed to fuck..
townies would have had a field day “ahhhhh look at the mosher! aaaaah”

but nooo…at 2am..all of them have gone to bed…cos they’re all pussies…

in my opinion..if they were as “badass” as they though they were..wouldnt it be
the opposite way around? they would be listening to the “i want to kill you..i hate you”
marilyn manson music..
but instead they are listening to music that goes “do you really like it..is it is it wikked!”
because they are dicks…
if they were as “hard” as they thought they were..wouldnt they be hearing the hard
guitars and the thrasing drums..instead of the stupid keyboards and shitty made up
lyrics about “sexy”….rite.

I was not hassled once this evening..or any evening that i have walked home from
a night out…because townies go to bed early..so they can get up early in the morning
to bunk off school…or go and get their dole cheques…because thats all they do..

you’re all as fake as a wedding cake!
and I hate you all