1. I love Matt Bellamy, So what if he’s weird lookin man? he’s cute!! and rocks on guitar!


  2. i love matt bellamy, he is god. he is so amazingly amazing, his voice is the best thing ever. i adore him, and he is bloody damn gorgeous!!!!!

  3. he is gorgeous, and really really sexy with his guitar.
    he’s a fantastic singer
    fantastic songwriter
    a true rock god
    p.s. how amazing did he look with red hair

  4. He is the most amazing man in the world! In the vidio Bliss how gorgeous does he look!?!?!
    shame he has a girlfriend of two years, if he didnt then, hey he would be mine!
    He has the most amazing voice ever, oh and the new album, Absolution, how amazing is that?!?! i got it on the day it came out and well yeah, nothing can compare to it!

  5. the man is god and yea he has irish connections his mum is from belfast and his dad is a scot!well i think so anyway i cant understand italian!absolution is amazing and totally inspiring he is so unique i love him o my god ya kno time is running out vid dont u just wanna jump him i mean he is the definition of sex on legs.did u c him at the q awards yea hes a hottie, amazing voice gorgeous and o so sexy ive decided to add an extra award for sexiest male in the world the winner is mathew and his prize is my number!- call me

  6. yer.. matt is definately the best! and clair i totally agree wiv u about the tiro video.. yum! i say his girlfriend is very lucky!!
    and i luv absolution 2 =)

  7. matt bellamy is amazing, just seen muse 2nite at secc in glasgow at it was awsome, breath taking n all that, evey song is a piece of sheer brilliance, no band i know can compare to them…

  8. Matt Bellamy?
    Pure Rock God.
    I offer myself up as a sacrifice at his feet……
    Brilliant Musician.
    Sexy Vocals.
    Purely Gorgeous.
    What else does one need to say?
    If he didn’t have a girlfriend, I’d pixiefy him…
    (sorry to my beautiful boyfriend if he ever reads this….. but it’s his fault i ever got into muse in the first place!)

  9. i love matt. i love his eyes, i love his voice, i love his music, i love his music, i love his music, i love his music…naturally i adore dom and chris, but matt’s voice!!!

  10. He is almost the most georgous person on earth,apart from my girlfriend. I love him(but i love my g/f more) and i’m a guy.
    Scary, i know.

  11. omg, i saw them live on thursday at wembley, they are totally amazin live and matt IS da most gorgeous, talented man in da world ;)
    u all ave amazin taste

  12. I saw Muse at the MEN Arena last saturday…its been the 3rd time ive seen them live and i cream my pants at the very sight of him. I met Matt twice now…very urchin looking and small..about 5 ft 4inches and very striking blue eyes.The first time was at some signing tent and he was getting harassed by two sluts dressed in nurses outfits. Naturally i was jealous! The second time was round the back of the apollo and he kissed me and signed my Origin Album. There are times when he looks like a young brett anderson…matt is really my number one crush.

  13. Ohmigod, I totally love Matt!! Hes so cute n tiny and sweet! not to mention very telented – and overall gorgeous!! ;-)

  14. Yes, Matt is rather infatuated with me… che ci volete fare, sono la donna più fortunata del mondo!

  15. Matt Bellamy Cor hes sexy i fought i was da only one my m8ts say ime sad cus i realy like im but FUK DEM! Hes sooo sexy ders dis fing bout im dat makes ya smile :)

  16. Matt is a god, or possibly a more evolved being than the rest of us, probably fallen from a distant galaxy to enligten us with his Brilliance.
    Dom and chris rule to but not quite as much.

  17. Saw Muse on the 3rd, they wer’e too good for life, it was like a glimpse of heaven when the lights came on. I think the great one (Matt) looked at me, i was the tall weirdo with a blue glowstick shouting at Matt.

  18. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha. You lot are all crazy. Methinks Bellamy would not approve. How good is the b-side ‘Eternally Missed’! Scary.

  19. I think Matt is an amazing musician and also very cute!!!!!He is so talented, he rocks!!!!!

  20. He grows more amazing everyday, anyone seen te new kerrang, Hes wearin a parker like me!, What a classic, ps. band for hire (or for free) got any gigs email me, We play musey Metal…

  21. i love muse there song hysteria is brilliant just like there other songs i wanna get the new album absolution. and the t-shirt of absolution! ive like muse ever since last year i got into rock music when i was 13 i first like linkin park then disturbed and blink 182 evanescence and tenacious d then last year about september it all came out muse was the top of my list! matt bellamy is brilliant i also like daniel bedingfield but matt bellamy is better! he rocks the guitar! well done matt.
    luv deny xxx

  22. I don’t have the audacity to think that Matt Bellamy will ever ever see me, but he is an amazing musician. He doesn’t care about potential groupies or foolish girls who throw their numbers at him, but I would like to have a conversation with him. Anyway, I know someone who is so exatly like Matt without meaning to be, it’s scary :)

  23. hey,

    for all you ppl who havent seen muse live, STOP SLAGGIN EM OFF coz u dnt no muse til uve seen em live. if u have and u dnt like em fair enuf, but i dnt no how u cnt, coz hes gorge, hes a genius and is awesome on evrythin he plays. so lay off!

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