well..sorry I havent updated in

well..sorry I havent updated in a long time..I’ve started a new journal..because this one isnt exactly what you’d call “private” is it? not with 600 odd visitors a day anyways :P

u can apply for a password for the new journal by going here >>http://supersadist.com/req.php<< and filling in the contact form. :) Bla..I’ve changed the design a few times in the last week..looking good now I think :) may look a bit odd and large in 800×600..but is perfect in 1024×768 so..change your resolution if you’re unhappy! I keep meaning to add new pictures but..then I go to..and think..damn..I really cant b arsed :s a bit crappy arent I. I finally bought a PS2 last week :) yay.. set me back a nice £350..but that with 2 controllers, memory card and 5 games so..not too bad :D happy with that.. didnt go to sleep last nite..
stayed up till 6am..then got into bed and watched Die Hard 3..
my insomnia is back.

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