I’m absolutely knackered man..got back

I’m absolutely knackered man..

got back in about 12 last nite..after going to Sams bar to see a gig, and had one of the worst nites of my life (even though i was only out for 3 hours).

The “club” was there and all were out to bitch about me..grr..they make me so angry :| grrr. grrr.

then today, got into work at 8:45 (3 hours early) because Becky is off on holiday..stressful day..which isnt eased by the fact that those who are most important in this business (the drivers) cannot do their jobs properly at all..which is turn comes back on us..the lowly customer service operators..who get nice and shouted at and get loadsa shit all day :| takes the piss

kate really enjoys trying to upset me…

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