wow..had a weird few days..but..i’m

wow..had a weird few days..but..i’m not complaining :)

last nite..was sat at my pc, clad in just boxer shorts at 10pm..when I got a call…Down Impact were playing at the I just had to go..
they’re cool..and i know all the members so :p *poo to you*
got back home about 3am..talked on the phone to Bekki for a while, and sent an absurd email to every member of the Welsh Assembly :\ then went to sleep.

Saturday night was *so fucking cool* and I dont regret one second of it. Yea ok so I did some weird stuff..but it was all justified. In my mind anyways.
I dj’ed for around 2 hours..I had almost every body (although was a low turn out..40 or so people) dancing by the end of the night :D woooohooo.
I experimented with power. havent done that in a long time.
and it worked..I managed to fuck things up even more between me and kate, and ruth, and sera too i think. but hell..who cares about kate and ruth. they’re both just indecisive arses.

sean should have died. damn you ryan

its lush to have a power trip. i should do it much more often.
quite happy at the mo..its like 1:15am..listening to Everlong by the Foo’s and talking to sara and sera..

i want a thong

got work again bloody usual. took a 3 day sabatical last week..couldnt be arsed going in. it sucks arse there.

imagine, working for a delivery company..that cant make deliveries :| jeebus man..

need a cigarette.

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