02 Suck

Ach..I just found out that I was wrong..and o2 were right :(
I have to continue my contract with them until April next year…
so that means I have to take my new Ericsson (T68i) back to the shop and end my vodafone contract :'( *cry*

o2 suck..they are overpriced, and at the end of the month I am left wondering *how* i spent £80 on calls..when i’m supposed to get an hour free per day…surely i dont spend more than an hour on the phone per night..
i’m in work for 9 hours per day..and asleep (or is too late to call anyone) for 12 hours..so that leaves 3 hours to make calls, and I know for a fact that I dont spend all those 3 hours nattering away.

Bla. Just gonna have to accept the fact arent I…

I shall buy myself a new phone (to put my o2 sim card in) and try to keep the calls to a minimum..and see how that goes.

Been in work all day today, as per usual.
Lynz has announced that she is leaving, and is handing in her notice on Monday. She’s going to our biggest customer

She will be greatly missed and it will be so much harder around citylink without her..she is constantly on hand to give advice, or to turn to if you’re stuck or whatever. Its gonna suck so bad.

The upside of it..
If Sarah leaves (which I have no doubt she will), then I will be the most senior person in the office..meaning they almost certainly *have* to promote me to supervisor or similar :D I believe I can do the job.

I havent been sleeping much lately, went to bed at 4am on Tuesday morning, 4am on Wednesday morning and 2am on Thursday morning, tonight…dunno when I will..probably about 2 or 3ish.

I <3 pro plus :) With pro plus, I can go to bed at whatever time..get up..take 2..get to work..take 2..and its like I've had a full night of sleep and some! Yay! We should make pro plus the mayor or something..teehee. I hate John
you have to see my cartoon about john :) Its just…gah..u gotta see it :)


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