Sorry I havent posted in a hell of a long time..
Had a lot on my mind recently..
I was told offially last week that I have the job of Customer Services Manger at work now, so thats a fucking huge step for me, I mean..i’m not even 18 yet.
I thought I was getting better..but had a shit night 2nite so, have things gone pear shaped? ech.
Bought the War Child CD, what a waste of £14. (except the fact that proceeds go to charity).
I’m losing sight of things somewhat. I have no goals, I am living for now, which is not how I pictured myself being. I have to change that, but, one step at a time. I have to get over some things before I can start moving on.
It’s almost my 18th birthday and I feel like just blowing it all and sitting on my own on the night because right now, i just dont feel like I’m worth any fuss.
&nbsp&nbsp maybe i should go to a support group?

I’m so glad of my friends. u know who you are.

romantic movie
What kind of porno would you star in?