..ach Long time

bloody hell its been a long time!
i havent been up to much..
no..i lie, yes i have :D

My position as Customer Services Manager has been going great..
s’great having power, mwhahahahahah..apart from the long hours :|

I started going out again this month..
having a great time seeing all the friends I lost contact with for so long..but seems that as soon as I get back with one group of friends..the other starts to ignore me and vice versa.
’tis a real pain in the arse. :|

Spending too much money on booze lately..but..bla.
I have a credit card now! maaaan..its crazy..feels like free money..but i know that come the end of the month..pwah am i gonna b skint or what !

I launched my new website 2 months ago..
Doesnt get many hits, but I love it anyways :) I havent done much promotion of it, thats why I expect.

Going out recently has been fun..but sometimes i’m reminded of why i strayed away from the scene.
Theres a certain instability within the group..

it’s christmas soon!

before i started going out again (to metros) i felt like i’d stabilised, become more mature..
now..i think i’ve taken a step back.
in work, i believe that i’m mature, and thats why i’ve gotten to the position that I am there.
but mix with alcohol and other drunken fools..and, i dunno what happens to me..but, i dont like it..
i want to be taken seriously..as an intellectual equal/superior..because I know thats what I am/can be. bla.
everything is so confusing.
its like..
yay fun!
boo childishness!

seems i can’t have fun without being childish/the funny one in the group, i should look into ways to change that.


neways, best be off.


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