New Years Eve

Christmas is over..
New Year has passed..

Time to get on with it again.
The fun time of year has gone..back to reality.

Had a good night last night, went to mikes house for a party/gig that we had been setting up for 4 days previous (with no sleep might i add!).
4 days of work with sledgehammers and shovels, always followed by evenings of alcohol fuelled anarchy.
Cops being called at 2am in the morning by neighbours complaining of excessive sledgehammer action (my fault :P) was quite funny :)

Had a bad night last night, went to twigs mums house for a party, got there after 12 o’clock..I thought this could be my chance to set everything straight with her and start fresh, give *us* a chance.
But I walk in to find her with another guy.
I died on the spot.
The rest of the night is a blur, i just remember quietly leaving at 3am’ish.

Today has been..bla..just sitting at my computer sorting out the pictures from last night and playing on the PS2.

Back to work 2morow.



  1. It was a great party. well worth the work.
    Thanks for leaving me to clean up from it

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