London Baby!

Had an excellent weekend in London, went to see Taproot at the Mean Fiddler.
They were ok, but by no means excellent. Pulse Ultra ruled though I have to say :)
Spent a lot of time saturday wandering Central London taking photos, making digital videos (available to download soon!) and generally being fools with Alex, Holly and Paul.
Man, I feel bad for the poor cleaners at our hotel, the Carlton , we made such a mess of Alex & Holly’s room! Cupcakes on the walls, Grapes on the floor/bed, biscuits on the floor, pork pies randomly flying out the window onto Belgrave Road, was absolutely mental. (big up to pauls 5 skin ;))

Got home late afternoon on Sunday, after almost missing the coach home as I decided at the last moment that I’d try and race from south london to north london the tube alone to visit Baker Street, I <3 that song! :) Made it back to the coach though, with 5 minutes to spare. Took 54 minutes exactly, there and back! God bless the London Underground!

Back in work today, same old same old. Bla.
I’m working on my new project(s) as we speak, the most developed so far (but still in pilot stage) is Space Dementia which is my Photoblog. Is a great concept I think!

Anywho, will carry on developing Space Dementia now!



  1. Dude!!CHANGE THAT PICK OF ME NOW!!!!i no you had to get the cottage in somehow,but i look rough as fuck!anyhoo,hope you is good,sites lookin sweet.c ya soon,loves ya,hol xxx

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