finally got around to redesigning

finally got around to redesigning the site, was told it was too *boring* by a certain individual, so..i took a hard look at it..and thought does resemble a site thats trying to sell something, or provide some type of an ISP site or something, too..professional :| grr.

So, fuck it…back to rock stars it is :D wheeeee
<---there, you'll see Brandon Boyd from Incubus, of is usual with me, I dont expect it to be him for long, or the colour to be the same for a lengthy period time, so..dont get too used to it :P I spent a long time testing my photoblog, and finally got it all together, and is now available for public viewing :) Click on either Home or Photoblog to view it, to view the standard text blog, click on “Blog”, duuh! Work has been dull…too monotanous..
going for a trial weekend at Fitness First this weekend, I might join..depends if I like it..
I want to have something to wake up for in the mornings, and getting up at 6am to work out, have a sit in the sauna or something sounds good enough reason to me, even though I’m the most un athletic and unfit person that I know :)
I wanna try and get fit, I’m on 18, its not too late..I dont think :\

Anyways..its almost 2am and gotta b up for work soon :| bla.



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