well, with the 3rd day of the War on Iraq almost over, just waiting now for the evening attacks on Baghdad to start over again.
You can’t get away from it, seems as though the entire world has stopped creating news and all there is to see is the coallition moving from town to town “capturing” them.


Doesnt seem as though this US soldier quite understands that and was told just a few minutes later to take the stars and stripes back down off the pole.
I shant go on about what’s been happening as you most probably already know.
Although I shall say that my condolences go out to the families of the 15 British soldiers that lost their lives in two helicopter disasters out in Kuwait and the Gulf.

this is it

well this is it, into the last 5 minutes before Saddam’s 48 hours is up.
Even though I’m not fully behind this war, I am totally behind our men and women who are out there in Gulf.
They are just doing there chosen jobs.
Many of them are very intelligent people, and decided to go into the Military because it is a very skilled vocation.
I mean, you can’t just put any fuckit into an F-15 fighter jet, you have to at lease have to have finished and been successful in university, this is required for many jobs in the military.

How will this conflict end? I dont know.

..time is almost up

for Saddam Hussein.
In precisely 1 hour and 15 minutes his 48 hours will be up, and Bush able to do what he pleases.
Blair last night didnt get beaten, but was definately shown that the margins have closed and so many more people oppose war.
I, personally am stuck in the middle.
I agree that Saddam needs to get out but, am also worried for the civilians.
Saddam will not go without military force being applied, that is for sure,
would you leave your home just because someone sent you a letter saying “we dont like you”, but would you leave if the letter read “we dont like you and will send the police around to arrest you if you dont get out”?
I’m sure you’d consider it more if it were the latter.

Apart from worrying about the Iraq “crisis” (a word which I have refrained from using until now, the dying hours) I’ve been working my damn ass off.
Working 8-8 almost every day, not killing me, but not exactly making me a happy bunny. Dont even get a chance to read my papers, I have every Guardian since last Thursday under my bed, just waiting for me to get a chance to flick through G2 (which, gladly will not become irrelevant with time as the main news will).
Should get home at a decent time tommorrow, around 6pm, so giving me enough time and no excuse not to read ever single one. excellent. is go!

This probably isnt the first time you’ve seen a new site from me this year, but, I promise that this one will be the last new site! *eyes go shifty*

I’ve worked long and hard on this site, the design I believe is not very imaginative, but it leaves room for improvement whenever it comes to me, without having to completely re-do the site, as I usually do.

You’ll find a few new sections, including the “Photolog” which I believe is very exciting and innovative, basically all the pics I take with my numerous cameras, wherever I am will go there. grreat.

Anyways, this is my first official post, and I shall say toodle-oo.
My first real blog post will come 2morow, and every other day after that!

Theres a lot more to come, I assure you.

stay beautiful.


This is simply a test for the new, site.
Nothing is here yet.

Hopefully soon this site will be complete, even though I dont have a clue what is going to be on here yet.

Probably a load of pictures from last year..and ones that I take, shall be a fun, not too serious site.