is go!

This probably isnt the first time you’ve seen a new site from me this year, but, I promise that this one will be the last new site! *eyes go shifty*

I’ve worked long and hard on this site, the design I believe is not very imaginative, but it leaves room for improvement whenever it comes to me, without having to completely re-do the site, as I usually do.

You’ll find a few new sections, including the “Photolog” which I believe is very exciting and innovative, basically all the pics I take with my numerous cameras, wherever I am will go there. grreat.

Anyways, this is my first official post, and I shall say toodle-oo.
My first real blog post will come 2morow, and every other day after that!

Theres a lot more to come, I assure you.

stay beautiful.


  1. hey nath, the sites lookin good, and yeaahhh pphhf…suuure it wont be the last one. but ne ways, all seems peachy. mwah, K8 xx

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