well, with the 3rd day of the War on Iraq almost over, just waiting now for the evening attacks on Baghdad to start over again.
You can’t get away from it, seems as though the entire world has stopped creating news and all there is to see is the coallition moving from town to town “capturing” them.


Doesnt seem as though this US soldier quite understands that and was told just a few minutes later to take the stars and stripes back down off the pole.
I shant go on about what’s been happening as you most probably already know.
Although I shall say that my condolences go out to the families of the 15 British soldiers that lost their lives in two helicopter disasters out in Kuwait and the Gulf.


  1. well just wanted to say i like ur site.. and im really not going into the war cuz i hate bush and everything he has done… but i will say i do give out my condolence to the families out there who has lost someone. So yea nice site i like it looking fwd to more pics : )

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