the interesting life I lead


Man have I had a hard week, it’s all been go..go..go.. I wish.
Been getting up at 8:30 every morning to go through the usual routine of go to work, come home, computer, bed, work..repeat x5.
I finally finished work on my new dedicated photolog, adequately named ““. It’s still a work in progress and bits are being added so, dont expect too much just yet.

Spent 3 hours on Thursday night rearranging the posters on my walls, thats the picture you see above, isn’t it beautiful? :)
My plans to go and see Jen have been finalised and booked.
Train up to Manchester at 8am on Saturday (3rd May) morning, then a night over at the Princess Hotel on Princess Street, Manchester. Another day with Jen and then going home. But then have a whole week off work to get over it and reflect.

I can’t see too straight at the moment, lack of sleep I think. Went out to Surfers last night, didnt get home till 3:30am, then decided to sit on my kitchen floor on the telephone until 5am as I felt alone and couldn’t sleep.

a whole weekend off work :)
I have been invited to a work due tommorrow evening at MegaBowl but, don’t know if I’m really fussed on going, not because I don’t like the people, but that I don’t exactly feel too…comfortable going out with people from my workplace, all of whom I have absolutely nothing in common with apart from the fact we all work at the same branch of a nationwide company. Will probably end up just sitting at my computer again, it’s what I feel like doing at this moment anyways, maybe I’ll change my mind by tommorrow, I dont know.
Lauara has asked me to meet her in the daytime tommorrow so I think I’ll do that, will probably end up at the cinema as I blew her off on Tuesday and last Saturday which I think was very very nasty of me and thoroughly uncalled for as she is a very nice girl. But hell, thats in the past.

Toodle Pip.

moving servers

Well finally I have found a new webhost.
The move should be seamless as all the data has been transferred over to the new box already, hopefully all will go well, but..obviously there will be a few kinks (missing images etc.)

I have registered yet another domain, and intend to use it as my new photoblog site, you can find it at :) Spiffy, ay?

Anyways, hope you all had a nice easter! See you on the other side.

how annoying.


Spent another nite up..went to bed about 5am..didnt get up till 1:30 then, what a waste of a day :(
Grand Prix at 5:20 though, yay :D

More and more nowadays I feel as though I’m wasting my days..
But theres nothing to do that hasnt already been done, around here.
How annoying.


Had a major borefest today.
Ended up taking a load of photos and posting them on Sweetcherrie, i never take photos of crap all anymore..except today :\

Stayed up all night, went to bed at 9:30 and got back up at 14:30..hmm 5 hours sleep, thats not too bad. I’ll probably do the same tonight..except i’ll be more creative with my time tonight.

Finished the SweetCherrie Users Blog this morning :) Got 19 authors so far, yay :D

no groaning in my store

“your powers of deduction are exceptional, i simply can’t allow you to waste them here when there are so many crimes going unsolved at this very moment, go! go! for the good of the city!”

How can two weeks be so mixed? Some days I’ve been down and out..others days I’ve been out and having fun..can I never be happy?

Last week was very bland, had the week off work. Went to Spykes on Tuesday night..and probably some other places, that I dont remember :\

Saturday I went to London, all alone. My day was excellent.
Arrived there at about 11am. Jumped straight onto the tube into Central London, got off at Westminster and went from there. Visitied The National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers Gallery and The National Gallery.
<3 the national portrait gallery. was absolutely excellent. most were photographs, except, what I went there to see which was David Hockney's new exhibition. Painted last year, are absolutely exquisite (can see one of them in my photoblog page). Went to Hyde Park and chilled out alone there for an hour or so, writing poetry and trying to get some good photos, didnt quite work though :\ I never knew Oxford & Regent Streets were so long! Jebus, I had pains in my legs for days after that expedition. Made it home at about 9pm (so early, I know!) and went straight to Paul's house. Invested in a bottle of Vodka and as usual, the night just dissapeared. :) Had a lot of phun though, including following Alex and Nicola home, SAS style though I couldnt see straight so..was pointless really as I wouldnt have been able to see if anything had gone on. Tuesday night went over to Vickys house, get extremely high and slept on a floor..had to get out of the room with Laura, does she *EVER* shut up, even at 6am in the morning? But seriously, love ya really Laur ^_^ Since then, just been in work. Boring. Save me somebody!