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Man have I had a hard week, it’s all been go..go..go.. I wish.
Been getting up at 8:30 every morning to go through the usual routine of go to work, come home, computer, bed, work..repeat x5.
I finally finished work on my new dedicated photolog, adequately named ““. It’s still a work in progress and bits are being added so, dont expect too much just yet.

Spent 3 hours on Thursday night rearranging the posters on my walls, thats the picture you see above, isn’t it beautiful? :)
My plans to go and see Jen have been finalised and booked.
Train up to Manchester at 8am on Saturday (3rd May) morning, then a night over at the Princess Hotel on Princess Street, Manchester. Another day with Jen and then going home. But then have a whole week off work to get over it and reflect.

I can’t see too straight at the moment, lack of sleep I think. Went out to Surfers last night, didnt get home till 3:30am, then decided to sit on my kitchen floor on the telephone until 5am as I felt alone and couldn’t sleep.

a whole weekend off work :)
I have been invited to a work due tommorrow evening at MegaBowl but, don’t know if I’m really fussed on going, not because I don’t like the people, but that I don’t exactly feel too…comfortable going out with people from my workplace, all of whom I have absolutely nothing in common with apart from the fact we all work at the same branch of a nationwide company. Will probably end up just sitting at my computer again, it’s what I feel like doing at this moment anyways, maybe I’ll change my mind by tommorrow, I dont know.
Lauara has asked me to meet her in the daytime tommorrow so I think I’ll do that, will probably end up at the cinema as I blew her off on Tuesday and last Saturday which I think was very very nasty of me and thoroughly uncalled for as she is a very nice girl. But hell, thats in the past.

Toodle Pip.


  1. hey hun, it’s me. i’m at school, just checking what’s up with you. i love your poster wall. my room used to look like that before i moved, now i’m not allowed to put posters up on the wall, only on my closet doors and whatnot. :( but, hope you feel better. don’t say you’re alone, i’m here for you. toodles…

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