good intentions?

First of all, before anything I just need to really thank Laura for a great night last night. We went to the Stereophonics exclusive album launch gig at Cardiff University’s Student Union last night, one of the lucky few. XxX thank you so much.
Had a great night, the place wasn’t jam packed as you couldn’t buy tickets, had to deserve them :P
They played everything, tracks from every album including all of my favourites (ie. the entirety of the first and second albums’ :P)
Kelly is so amazing live, he really can sing..and he really can play guitar.
I so wish I was him, and I so want his hair!
I really do want his hair, I think I shall be a copy cat and get it done like that :D
I don’t have any pics that really show it as it is now, but..I’m sure I can get some.

Sadly things are finished between Jen and I. It was her decision, not mine.
But I do believe that it was for the best.
She has just come out of a big relationship and I don’t think getting into another is the best thing for her to do right now. Maybe some other time.

Work has been..bland.
I’ve decided that I am going to leave, and have announced my intentions to my colleagues. They know that I am jobhunting.
What they do not know is that I already have one lined up.
I have a second interview to go to next Monday, but the way things are looking, I should get in there no problem at all. But, thats all I’m saying for now.
The place I intend on moving to, better pay, better conditions. That’s all I need and as far as I’ve seen so far, they can provide that.
I have provided Initial City Link over a year of my good services, but I think my resources and tolerance has finally been exhausted.

Anyways, I’m going to bed now.


  1. Hi, good luck for getting a new job, how’ve you been? you’re lucky to have gone to the ‘phonics. Speak to you soon, xx

  2. hey didn’t metion getting carried out of the gig half way through nathan and me saving ya!!!!!! it was a wikid night and kelly is amazing! see ya soon love sooz xxx

  3. SACRAFICE UR MIND TO SAVE UR BODY. go find the big yellow and pink flowers in the land of ecstacy and you will come to the majic N where u will then c the dancing monkey. all free at pikidily. mwaaaaa. all will be well in due time.hold on. SMILE ;)

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