340 smackers!

Just to let you all know, my eBay auction to sell my phone finished last night.
Finished at £340! Well more than I had expected.

Should be receiving payment tomorrow now, and sending off on Thursday.
I shall be sorry to see the old girl leave but, its for the best methinks *tear*


I had the funniest dream ever last night, all the guys in work had a real laugh about it, well here goes;

I dreampt that I went for an interview at another courier company (i work for one now).
The boss was Jim from Eastenders! (UK TV show)

Well he interviewed me, and I dont know whether or not I got the job, but all I remember was, one of the questions he asked was “What is the name of this courier company?” and I had forgotten.

Then things got jumbled, next thing I know I’m walking down a street in central Manchester with Jen, when one of the vans from the company I currently work for, drove past.
Next I’m back in the office with Jim and the other girls who work for this new courier company.

Someone starts banging on the door, I ask who is there.
I’m told “Don’t worry, its just a Mime, he comes every day, he just wants money”
So I ignore it for a while, then decide to open the door to him/her.
When I go to open the door, everyone in the office shouts, NO!!!!!

I look out and there is a debt collector there, with his briefcase, suit, etc., with what looks like 2 big guys, but I dont get a chance to see before the door slams shut in his face and Jim shouts “What did you do that for!”

Then..I wake up.

As I was going up the stairs

I met a man that wasn’t there

What a cool weekend, was really relaxing.
Parents were away, so spent the morning and afternoon doing crap all, just sat around the house basking in the glorious…rain.
Went into town to get Laura at about 5ish, met her and came home. Watched a few movies, sat up till like 3am then went to bed.
Laura, learn to cook, else you have no hope of being my wife! *kiss* just kidding
I’m not even going to bother talking about work as it is so amazingly boring that even you would fall asleep reading about it. Same old same old. Nothing exciting ever goes on in the world of parcel delivery.

Went out this evening with Lau to see Identity, I thought it was really good, was a psychological thriller, where nothing was as it seemed. Nothing *had* to make sense.
Decided to download the movie, getting good speeds on Kazaa tonight, NTL must not be so overloaded today, either that or a large area has had a powercut due to the stupid rain so nobody except me can get online, thus leaving all their bandwith at my disposal *dreams*


Sleepy now, going to eat methinks, then sleep.


In case any of you were wondering, I have decided that I have not got enough time for the moment to update 3 different sites, so therefor Pblog and LifeEtc are both forwarding to this site.
pBlog is still accessable from the right menu bar, just click the link.

Bah, time for work now. BooHoo