as i creep slowly back..

Neglect. I am a bad parent.
To my child, my brainchild that is.
neither Hint of Sarcasm or LifeEtc have been updated in a long time, I’ve had far too many insignificant, little things going on that really don’t justify a blog entry. If you know what I mean.

I’ve been to two gigs, one last week which was great, too bad I drank way too much and don’t remember much of it, (though the bands were great!).
And one last night at Clwb Ifor Bach, where I took the picture above.

Burning Skies are excellent!

I’ve also been neglecting another important person, Laura. And I feel really bad about it, she’s so good to me, but I just always manage to mess things up.

A word of advice to all of you, those who live in South Wales.
If you get drunk on a litre of vodka with your friends, who then decide it would be really worthwhile to walk from the city centre to Coryton, without actually knowing where he lives. Only to get up there, realise this fact and have to walk back, thus resulting in us walking 12 miles in total and wasting 5 hours between 1am and 6am, it’s really not that great an idea.
Thanks Annette and Spyke!

When my current employer heard of my intentions to leave, after a year and a half of being there, I was promptly offered a new package in a vain attempt to keep me there. It worked.
I like my job. 90% of the time. So I have no regrets about staying, the reason I was leaving was that the conditions were bad, in that we really needed a new member of staff to help out, but was denied. This has now been rectified in my new deal. Also pay has been increased slightly, which wasn’t a major issue, but I’m glad to actually be on the same rate now as the heads of department that are older than me. Equality is sweet.

Get to see Funeral for a Friend this Friday, I love those guys live. Gonna be wicked, and get to spend time with Laura too, whoop!


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