Billy Jean is not my lover

again my mind has been changed.
i spent four hours last night filling out an application form for Lloyds TSB, my parents managed to swing me.
This is the furthest I’ve gone to actually pursuing a job there, so, I hope things don’t go wrong now.
I have a telephone interview at 9am, only 8 hours 45minutes to wait, oh the joy.
I discovered a primitive, but nonetheless, a way of blogging from work.
We do have the internet, but if used for blogging, according to the “Rules of Internet Use” I am liable to be dismissed from my job. hah.
So, quite simply, open Notepad, blog whilst on the phone, pretending to listen to customers, or while pretending to be really really busy, then save it to a floppy disk, take it home and post it, aren’t I so clever. hah.
Anywho, going to the movies with Laura on Friday, already decided on a movie too! Jesus, aren’t we decisive this week, says the man that can never decide on anything. Going to see “Identity”. She wants me to stay over hers, as she stayed here last week, but, I have a kinda phobia of parents, so would rather meet them first before just coming and staying over. Feel more comfortable that way.

Wish me luck for the morning!


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