Muse – Stockholm Syndrome

The new Muse track is out for download! Wooooooooooooo!
Amazing track *have* to get it.

But, what is Stockholm Syndrome?
“At 10:15 A.M. on Thursday, August 23rd, 1973 the “Sveriges Kreditbank” of Stockholm, Sweden was rocked by sub-machine gun fire.(1) “The party has just begun”, announced a 32 year old prison escapee named Jan-Erik Olsson. “The party”, indeed, continued for some 131 hours, or five and a half days, as Olsson held four of the bank’s employees hostage in an 11 by 47 foot vault until late in the evening of August 28th.

While the “Sveriges Kreditbank” robbery itself may not have been of world shattering importance, later interviews with the four hostages yielded surprising results — results that have been confirmed in numerous other “hostage situations” in the years that followed. Even though the captives themselves were not able to explain it, they displayed a strange association with their captors, identifying with them while fearing those who sought to end their captivity. In some cases they later testified on behalf of or raised money for the legal defense of their captors. The Swedish location of the “Sveriges Kreditbank” gave its name to this mental aberration as “The Stockholm Syndrome”. “


  1. can some pleeeeeease tell me….does this track start with some scratching then a very repetitive stupid voice saying something i cant make out??? cos that song is all over kazaa and the most pants i ever heard, i refuse 2 believe its muse!!!!

  2. its actually called THE GALLERY that song and it is another example of the diverse and amazing sounds muse can produce. If your narrowminded enough to only belive and not believe/realise that all thoer songs dont sound like plug in baby then you cant be a proper music fan

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