1. People are always going to share music! When Napster got closed, Kazaa got big, if they close Kazaa, they’ll only be another program for sharing files. by the way, hello :)

  2. Hmmm, must improve protocol, implement a ‘white noise’ rating to warn users before downloading, list files together not only where the size is the same, but where a number of randomly selected bytes are the same, and use a check key, secret to the music companies to allow a download or listing to occur. This way, music companies must use the actual program, or hack it, which would at least be a pain in the backside for them :) Being honest, they’d just take legal action to reveal the key. I say, list their IPs and send their logging stations extensive lists of every track known to man. Do you think, in years to come, we could make a Bletchley Park style film about it?

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