Julian: I am the terminator

This week has been absolutely crazy, started off on Monday, we were supposed to just go out for a quiet drink for Dan’s birthday (Happy Birthday!), which ended up with me having 13 shots of Aftershock and being totally on the floor, went back to Dan’s house in Wenvoe (more than an hour away from my house!) with Julian, Luke & Jenny, I had work the next morning, of course I didnt make it to work Tuesday morning, so pulled a sickie, I was totally hungover, but it was a great night and we had some fun the next day too. Was soooo drunk though, craziness.
Never, ever go into a field with horses at 2am. They *WILL* give chase! I know first hand, arrrch.

Thursday was totally ruined. I went into the Spar on my way home from work, to get a bottle of vodka to drink before I went out to Surfers, the stupid woman in the shop though only convinced me to buy a litre! :|
Managed to drink half a litre, black out in my bedroom and wake up the next morning. I had no idea what had gone on the night before, but apparently I was up until 12:30 talking to my parents about shit.
I’m so stupid.


  1. Hey Nate.

    I’m Merel (pink-merula) from sweetcherrie. I didn’t know about you leaving and all. So I was kind of wondering where you were. I know now, and I’m sorry you left. It was really fun having you around on sweetcherrie.
    You’re a really nice guy and I miss your threads. Sweetcherrie isn’t as cool anymore as it used to be.
    Anyway, this isn’t a “please come back” message, cause you probably won’t. I just wanted to say hi and that I’m sorry you left.
    x Merel

  2. …don’t forget the “defying all human will and waking up and going to town solely to wish Liam a happy birthday for 10 minutes” feat afterwards.

    Oh, and for any impressionable young kids out there…
    When you go to Gatekeeper at 5pm and start drinking spirits and cocktails, and continue in such a manner until 11pm and then get a cab home and start experimenting with disappearing hash pipes & no rizla whilst being chased by horses …if about this time you get the urge to drink almost a whole bottle of Smirnoff to yourself through a straw whilst lying on a trampoline – *ahem* DON’T!!!!!

    Play safe kids. ;)
    ~ Dan.

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