In case any of you were wondering, I have decided that I have not got enough time for the moment to update 3 different sites, so therefor Pblog and LifeEtc are both forwarding to this site.
pBlog is still accessable from the right menu bar, just click the link.

Bah, time for work now. BooHoo


  1. Idea: pay for and make it a site with a lot of cool stuff on it. Abandon lifeetc, pixelfreedom, pblog, rockisdead, cheesetoasted, fairygothmosher and any other random sites you feel compelled to pay money to do nothing with.

    This way, you can have one GREAT site instead of several *potentially* good sites ;)


  2. Came to your site from Rome, Italy, by Blogging Britts. My compliments for your interesting blog !
    I have made an anti-smoke site in Italian and in English. The Italian version is full of comments by visitors. The English one has no comments at all and much less visitors. ( )
    Please, have a look of my site and , if you agree with my aims, I will ask you the following:
    1-put a link of my site in your blog, with few words of presentation
    2-send one e-mail to your friends, smoking ones is better, with the link to my site, and ask them to do the same. If you check the number of visitors, you will see that we need readers for the English version of my blog.
    May I hope you will be available to help me in this my personal battle against the smoking evil ?
    Thanks and see you soon

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