As I was going up the stairs

I met a man that wasn’t there

What a cool weekend, was really relaxing.
Parents were away, so spent the morning and afternoon doing crap all, just sat around the house basking in the glorious…rain.
Went into town to get Laura at about 5ish, met her and came home. Watched a few movies, sat up till like 3am then went to bed.
Laura, learn to cook, else you have no hope of being my wife! *kiss* just kidding
I’m not even going to bother talking about work as it is so amazingly boring that even you would fall asleep reading about it. Same old same old. Nothing exciting ever goes on in the world of parcel delivery.

Went out this evening with Lau to see Identity, I thought it was really good, was a psychological thriller, where nothing was as it seemed. Nothing *had* to make sense.
Decided to download the movie, getting good speeds on Kazaa tonight, NTL must not be so overloaded today, either that or a large area has had a powercut due to the stupid rain so nobody except me can get online, thus leaving all their bandwith at my disposal *dreams*


Sleepy now, going to eat methinks, then sleep.

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