I had the funniest dream ever last night, all the guys in work had a real laugh about it, well here goes;

I dreampt that I went for an interview at another courier company (i work for one now).
The boss was Jim from Eastenders! (UK TV show)

Well he interviewed me, and I dont know whether or not I got the job, but all I remember was, one of the questions he asked was “What is the name of this courier company?” and I had forgotten.

Then things got jumbled, next thing I know I’m walking down a street in central Manchester with Jen, when one of the vans from the company I currently work for, drove past.
Next I’m back in the office with Jim and the other girls who work for this new courier company.

Someone starts banging on the door, I ask who is there.
I’m told “Don’t worry, its just a Mime, he comes every day, he just wants money”
So I ignore it for a while, then decide to open the door to him/her.
When I go to open the door, everyone in the office shouts, NO!!!!!

I look out and there is a debt collector there, with his briefcase, suit, etc., with what looks like 2 big guys, but I dont get a chance to see before the door slams shut in his face and Jim shouts “What did you do that for!”

Then..I wake up.


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