Wow was Reading Festival amazing or what..
Sorry I haven’t given a full update on it yet, I have Laura staying over for a few days so haven’t really been able to get to the computer, she’d probably claim I was neglecting her or something.
Lau is still here so can’t really write a full review, but I will on Saturday, I promise.

All I can say was, It has to be the most amazing experience of my life. Absolutely astounding!

vodka jelly = success

I did it!
I thought this was one thing that was doomed..
especially when I forgot to let the jelly cubes melt in the hot water before pouring in the cold water and vodka..thus leaving loads of cubes of unmelted jelly at the bottom.
Then to get rid of these unmelted cubes, I put the mix into the blender for a minute, and it came out looking like banana milkshake..

but, here it is, vodka jelly! (with a lot of vodka too :P)