i am the future

14 days till the Reading Festival, I’m so excited :D
But, I dont have my ticket as yet. I’m buying it from Kate, I sent her the cheque which she should have received Saturday or Friday, but, she has gone on holiday to London now for 3 weeks, hopefully she has taken the ticket and cheque with her to cash and post, else, basically, I’m screwed.

Had a big mis-understanding with Alex & Paul earlier today, I’m really sorry guys, I didn’t mean for it to sound like that, all I wanted was to be acknowledged, I’m truly sorry. If you forgive me, click here..

Tonight was shite, after finishing up that argument with Alex and Paul, I went out to meet with Spyke which had been pre-arranged. All was on, called him from the bus stop, all was still on..20 minutes later, get into town, and he has changed his mind.
Going to meet a friend and going with him somewhere, fucking great.
So waited half an hour for the next bus home after phoning a few people to see if they would like to come instead but to no avail. Waste of time.

Work has been almost unbearable in this heat, in the office it’s much hotter than outside, we have 4 fans in there, but still, the air doesn’t circulate properly so its really sticky, and in a shirt and tie that becomes a major problem and end up just flopping in the chair doing hardly any work.
Methinks tomorrow I shall wear a t-shirt. Not an offensive one, just to cool down.

I have big black rings around my eyes, not attractive.
I had a good night sleep last night too, so I don’t know where they have come from. They werent there after my late, pissed night with Paul & Alex on Monday, how does that work? Have a good night sleep, get black eyes. Stay up all night pissed and getting candle wax all over your jeans, and you look like you’ve been sleeping like an angel. Grr.

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