mobo? mofo!

Jesus christ.

Since when did it say on the box, “motherboard takes 3 days to install”.
Scenario starts on Monday, when I bought a nice new Athlon XP 2200+ processor, at a nice price of £57, got a driver to pick it up for me and dropped it to me at work.
Went home, tried to use it with my existing motherboard, but had a load of problems including the system refusing to start up.
So next day, I decided to invest in a new motherboard.
Of course, with this motherboard I had to buy new RAM as was using SDRAM, but have now changed over to DDR as its much faster. So, got the new motherboard at £79, fan (a nice, evercool one) at £15 and 512mb of DDR (2700) for £70.
Having spent £100 on Sunday on a new graphics card (nice nVidia Geforce FX 5200, 128mb AGP), I could feel my wallet getting ever so slightly lighter :P
So I install this new motherboard, with RAM and try to start windows.
Now, it is a rule of thumb (for me anyways) that Windows will always kick up a stink trying to restart under a new motherboard, so as per usual, I had to reinstall Windows XP.
Here is where the first snag comes in, I couldnt find my XP install disc, great.
After an hour of hunting, I find a Windows 2000 install disc, a very old Beta candidate (must have been from around late 1998).
Got this up and running, the downloaded Windows XP Pro from Kazaa.
Finally got it installing, then, asks me for a Product ID/Key. Fucking great, I don’t have one.
So, cancel install and go back to Windows 2000 to find a key.
Write it down, start install again (install is a 20 minute process)..
Asks for CD Key, put it in………. “invalid cd key” Ach!!

To cut a long story short, I did this install process over 8 times before I finally got there. Other things did happen, like getting the right CD key, getting my sister to print it out off her computer (I had left it generating a key while I was at work), then her losing the key as she tried to plug the printer in, by accidentaly unplugging the computer.
And also getting into Windows XP and finding that I had been attacked by the MS Blaster virus.

Talking of the MS Blaster virus, what a bitch that is.
It has infected all the Windows 2000/XP/NT computers in work.
I have managed to clean mine on my own, but head office is insisting that they do it themselves, by remotely logging into the computers.
Why they can’t just put out an All Point Bulletin describing how to do it, I don’t bloody know but, hell..thats City Link for you.

Got some cool dvd’s on Sunday, Don’t Say A Word and Go. I love that movie.

Anywho, have a lot of driver installs to do now, hate fresh copies of Windows so much.

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