Wow was Reading Festival amazing or what..
Sorry I haven’t given a full update on it yet, I have Laura staying over for a few days so haven’t really been able to get to the computer, she’d probably claim I was neglecting her or something.
Lau is still here so can’t really write a full review, but I will on Saturday, I promise.

All I can say was, It has to be the most amazing experience of my life. Absolutely astounding!


  1. What were you wearing when AFI were on? It didn’t happen to be a black T Shirt which on the back had a celtic type symbol in a line shape across the shoulder blades? No? Okay, I imagined it was you then….

  2. Umm, no..
    I don’t fully recall, but I’m pretty sure it was my t-shirt with a monkey on the front, and “Drunk” written on the back.

  3. Good job I didn’t go up and say “Hi Nathan” then! Although I’m sure if I had got close enough to say hi I would have realised it wasn’t you. Thinking about it now, he wasn’t tall enough to be you. Similar hair though.

  4. It’s not important. I’m just somebody you used to know who still likes to check up on you to see if you’re happy.

    Anyway, what happened to this “full review” you were going to write? I’m interested in what you thought about the bands you saw. Even though I was only there for one day I was very impressed with nearly all the bands I saw.

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