Yet another bus related school-teen death occured in Cardiff yesterday.
I’m starting to lose count, it’s getting dire.

The thing is, theres not much more that can be done.
OK, sometimes the bus drivers are a little bit bastardish, but, thats what you get like when you’re trying to drive 100 odd misbehaving little 13-16 year olds twats, but that shouldn’t change the fact that you need to pay due care and attention to everything on the road. Even if it is another schoolkid, drivers shouldn’t think “oh, he’s just messing he wont walk into the road” or “he’s quick enough, he’ll get across before I get there” or whatever.
And I know this is what happens, I’ve been a misbehaving little schoolbus using 13-16 year old.

Also, the kids need to start being more responsible when it comes to roads. They can’t be taught any more than they are. Maybe it will take a few more accidents like this to actually teach kids that fooling about in the road really can kill you, it’s not just something you see on the TV.
Hard to get this through to kids? Yes. You know what they’re like. Stubborn assholes who won’t listen to adults.

The latest incident was involving Cardiff High, 13 Year old student Luke Tanhai. The accident happened on Lake Road (dont know if it was was West or East) running alongside Roath Park Lake.
Although this is not reported in the BBC News story, and probably won’t be anywhere else, but I have it on good authority that the incident ocurred when Luke mounted the back of the bus when it was picking up speed after a stop. As the vehicle picked up speed, he was thrown from the back, causing fatal injuries.
Of course, a childish mistake like this does not mean he deserves to die, this is the type of thing we live and learn from, he should have lived, but broken a leg or something, and learned from it. But unfortauntely life doesn’t always pan out that way.
I feel for his family. A similar scenario happened when I was at school with a girl.
It was all very sad, and were both a very tragic loss of life.

Boy dies in bus collision


oh yea, and I forgot to mention, I got my ID pass from ntl: yesterday.
The picture is SO bad. I have to have it facing my chest when its around my neck, it’s horrible.
Unfortunately they have to be always worn around the building, bla.



I was thinking on the bus today on my way home, and I came to realise something. Quite a revalation actually.

Right now, I don’t think I’ve been this happy in a long, long time.
I mean, I have a beautiful girlfriend, with whom I have a great relationship.
We get on, we like a lot of the same things, enjoy each others company, she makes me laugh, I make her laugh, we don’t argue even after 5 months.

I have a job that I really enjoy, and pays well ;)
It’s my dream job. Internet Technical Support. Telling people how to use the internet. Something I’ve been doing for years (but on a broader scale, ie. tech’ing computers in general). Open Internet access. Breaks almost as and when. Dealing with customers, which I enjoy. Working with laid back, nice people.

I go out all the time, see friends, get drunk, have fun.
Out with Liam every Friday either to a house party or somewhere else, out the ocassional Thursday either to Surfers nightclub or TJ’s for a gig, out every Saturday with Laura, staying at hers or my house after going to a movie or staying in.

Not many bad things have happened to me recently..
Life is great at the moment. Finally.

Thank you all, you know who you are.

oh yea, I forgot to mention.
I finally got my email address on Friday, very coveted ;) woo.
After being stuck with a stupid for 4 years..
Gotta be an employee to get it though sorry guys :D
And you can’t email me on it neither, you could send me legitimate business emails though, as Kirsty has suggested, like;
“about how they don’t make chocolate iced gems anymore and it pisses me off”

But seriously, my internet life will be enchanced as of next week, when I hit the call centre floor.
Full, open access to the internet all the time, so I can blog, pick up my email and chat whilst I’m fixing peoples computers/internet connections.
My blogging is going to go through the roof :P

Ocean Spray

One of my fave songs by the Manics is, ‘Ocean Spray’, and I’ve just noticed that our always has a carton of fruit juice, by the same name..I wonder if there is some connection, or if I’m being stupid?
“Oh, Please stay awake,
and then we can drink some Ocean Spray”



I’ve just found out that the song is indeed referring to the popular Cranberry fruit juice that is sold around the world.
The reason James-Dean Bradfield wrote this, I found from;
“Title is a reference to the popular cranberry juice drink which James would bring to his mother, Sue, whilst she was receiving treatment for cancer. Sadly, Sue Bradfield lost her battle with the disease in 1999.”
How sad :(