hits hits hits

Where *are* all these bloody hits coming from?!
50 yesterday, I know 50 may not seem a lot to some of you larger blog owners, but to me..50 is a lot.

The last time I got 50 hits in a day was when i was running my old blog site back in 1999, when blogging was original..

I’ve decided to start up a Stereophonics fansite. Well, I wouldn’t call it starting up, rather, carrying on a legacy.
Stereophonicsweb.com was one of the largest, and most popular ‘phonics websites around. But unfortunately its owner decided to give it up to go onto bigger and better things.
A few weeks ago I noticed that the domain had lapsed, and decided to purchase it.
I now own the rights to it, and with the blessing of the old webmaster, Paul, will start afresh, hopefully I shall do a good job.
Expect to see it up and running in the next few weeks.

Anyways, was back to work today.
Was funny, after being off for a fortnight, sat on my ass in front of the TV, and spending 5 days at a festival, works seems even crappier than I originally thought.
But on the lighter side of things, I am pursuing new careers again.
Namely, NTL.
I today secured an interview in their Internet Technical Support department, which is based not too far from me, just outside of Cardiff, on the outskirts of Newport.
This, for me..is my dream job.
Internet tech support for a company that I have, to an extent, grown up with.
And the salary is great :P

Somebody pointed me in the direction of some MP3’s recorded from the AFI set at Reading, I was overjoyed :D
I have posted one of them here, *download*, this one is my favourite, (and you can probably, if you listen hard enough, hear me singing in the crowd) it’s God Called in Sick Today, and was the closing song of the set, performed, I might add, beautifully, mucho respect goes out to Davey Havok.

I did a panorama of the Reading Arena, but..rushing it, it didn’t quite come out as planned. But, here it is anyways;

Click to See Panorama