Reading Photos

OK, I’ve found some photos! Wooooooo..
Granted they weren’t taken by me, but, who cares :P

Davey Havok and AFI! Wooooooo!

More Davey of AFI :)
Their set was *amazing*, I shit you not..

This is an eerie picture that I took whilst peering out of the front of my tent.
The walkway is almost empty as Metallica are on (I don’t like Metallica, so stayed in my tent and drank vodka), it’s very dusky across tent city.


  1. that last pic looks like what everything else looked like on the thursday night…i’m sure you relate nathan heh!
    I shoulda seen AFI, everyone raving about them..oh well.
    Loz x

  2. afi is awesome da pics on ur website are awesome pics davey havok is hott i hope i meet him 1 day

  3. I LOVE DAVEY HAVOK!!!!!!!!!! he is so HOTT i love the pictures they re awsome. i never met him but i am hoping that one day i have a chance to.

  4. I just wanted to say that I love afi, and I love Davey Havok!! Get more pics of the band please!!
    Does this site have any other sites with more afi pics-does anyone who reads this?
    Please e-mail me {} and tell me
    AFI ROCS!!!!!

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