Wow..A lot has happened in the last week in the world of good ol’ moi.

For starters, I am now an employee of
I’ll be at their Internet Technical Support centre in Newport.
OK, so it’s quite a big pay cut from what I’m doing at the moment, but..it’s a foot in the door in the IT industry, which is what I want and need.
From here, after spending some time (maybe a year) there, I can apply for jobs at other IT related companies, which will inevitably pay more.
So, in the long run it works out better for me, in theory.
It seems really good there anyways, everyone seems nice and relaxed, no pressure, which is what I really need.

I was going to get my hair cut on Saturday, but..bah, after a long night on Friday I ended up sleeping all day Saturday actually, thus missing my haircut and my meeting with Laura, we were supposed to go see American Pie 3 but ended up sitting in front of the PC instead. Went to see it on Sunday instead.
To be totally honest, it wasn’t as good as the first or second by a long shot but still quite funny at parts. If you liked the first two, you have to see this one just to finish it all off.

Just purchased a new laptop too, I guessed I’d need it because…well..
Ok, I don’t *need* it, but..I thought it would be nice to have for all those long train rides I’ll be taking *ahem* (what train rides?). It’s a nice Dell Inspiron, 2200 processor, 512mb RAM, 15″ screen, etc etc. Nice spec on it, mmhmm.

I now have every Family Guy and South Park episode on my computer :) God Bless Kazaa and my 1mb cable connection :D
Family Guy rules. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t lived.
Have 190+ Simpsons episodes, but am a long way off getting all of them (are 300 and something of them I think).

I’m a long way off getting my stereophonics fan site up and running, in fact..I haven’t even started yet. Need to start at least a design soon else I shall drift off and it’ll never get done.
Watch this space….


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