Well, didn’t quite get up as early as I had planned this morning, in fact, woke up at 7:20. Only 40 minutes before I had to be there, and its a 40 minute bus ride (after taking 15 minutes to get to the bus stop too!), so was forced to take a taxi.
Cost me £13, bah.

I’m actually at Cleppa Park now, on lunch break, have access to the internet, a bit obviously really, as this is an internet company :P
Been a bit boring this morning, going through induction, history of , tour of the builing, what you will and wont be doing, who is who, what is where etc. etc.
Hopefully things will start picking up over the next few days and we’ll start getting into the technical side of things which is what I want to get on with and start taking calls, to prove myself.


  1. Well done on the new job! At least I’ll know who to ask for when I ring the “help”desk next to solve a stupifyingly simple problem. I am a Luddite after all.

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