Getting up at 6:45 has proven hard.
Always managed to get here on time, but twice with only 5 minutes to spare.
Trying to get to bed early also is proving hard, with my other job I didn’t have to get up until 9:30 or didn’t have to go to bed until 1am, 2am etc. and could even go out on a Wednesday/Thursday. Won’t be able to do that here, yet.
S’pose when I get into it, once a week won’t be too bad, going to be sensible. Declined an offer to go out drinking last night, which is totally unlike me, if you know me at all :P

But tonight, meeting Liam so alcohol consumption will be vast, oh yes.
When Liam and I get together, well..he’s just a bad influence. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :P

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