Winamp 5

Hmm, just about to install Winamp 5 Alpha 1.
Didn’t like Winamp 3, installed it once, but went straight back to Winamp 2, I much prefer it.

Bring back the J button if you’re going to bring out new versions!
In Winamp 2, all you have to do was press J, then a few letters from the name of the song you wanted, highlight it and press enter, and it would play. This is what Winamp 3 was missing, and is what ruined it for me. The ease of use had gone. I’m sure there was something similar to the “J”ump function, but didn’t bother to explore to find it.
Just goes to show how change isn’t always good for a product.
Well, here goes..lets try out Winamp 5.

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