Yet another bus related school-teen death occured in Cardiff yesterday.
I’m starting to lose count, it’s getting dire.

The thing is, theres not much more that can be done.
OK, sometimes the bus drivers are a little bit bastardish, but, thats what you get like when you’re trying to drive 100 odd misbehaving little 13-16 year olds twats, but that shouldn’t change the fact that you need to pay due care and attention to everything on the road. Even if it is another schoolkid, drivers shouldn’t think “oh, he’s just messing he wont walk into the road” or “he’s quick enough, he’ll get across before I get there” or whatever.
And I know this is what happens, I’ve been a misbehaving little schoolbus using 13-16 year old.

Also, the kids need to start being more responsible when it comes to roads. They can’t be taught any more than they are. Maybe it will take a few more accidents like this to actually teach kids that fooling about in the road really can kill you, it’s not just something you see on the TV.
Hard to get this through to kids? Yes. You know what they’re like. Stubborn assholes who won’t listen to adults.

The latest incident was involving Cardiff High, 13 Year old student Luke Tanhai. The accident happened on Lake Road (dont know if it was was West or East) running alongside Roath Park Lake.
Although this is not reported in the BBC News story, and probably won’t be anywhere else, but I have it on good authority that the incident ocurred when Luke mounted the back of the bus when it was picking up speed after a stop. As the vehicle picked up speed, he was thrown from the back, causing fatal injuries.
Of course, a childish mistake like this does not mean he deserves to die, this is the type of thing we live and learn from, he should have lived, but broken a leg or something, and learned from it. But unfortauntely life doesn’t always pan out that way.
I feel for his family. A similar scenario happened when I was at school with a girl.
It was all very sad, and were both a very tragic loss of life.

Boy dies in bus collision


  1. Yeah the accident happened near where i live, it happened on Lake Road West. Just messing bout on the buses as loads of people do. Luke was in the year below me in school and he was good friends with my brother, he was a good person.Tragic accident. Won’t be the same without him.
    R.I.P Luke

  2. Luke was a number of years younger than me at school and although i didn’t know him well there was a great sense of mourning when the whole school received the news that he had died. I think that the accident could have happened to anyone. I just think it’s a shame that more people didn’t have the chance to get to know him as I know that I would have like to.
    RIP Luke

  3. Luke was in my year in school + although i didnt know him very well i got to know him in the last few days of his life. I am very glad that i got the chance to know him as he was a great person who everyone loved. R.I.P luke u will never b forgoten

  4. luke was such a nice boy he didnt deserve to die
    why did it have 2 be him , if any one
    he was 2years below me but we were gd friends

    RIP lukey

  5. R.I.P Lukey we all miss u so much and wish u were here with us today. It so different without u but now we know u are in a beter place and remember u will always be remembered and loved by all of us.
    Love u loads lukey

    X X X X X X

  7. i miss you luke and i love you forever and school aint the same without you. i would do anything for you to come back but even though life goes on no-one will EVER forget you at cardiff high. i love you loads and loads lukey.
    sophie v xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  8. **** you dnt b writin stuff u kno nuffin of u w*****r keep ur coments 2 ur bloody urself if u av ne respect 4 oda ppl MIND UR OWN BUSNIESS NO1 CARES WAT U FINK!!!!- lovin ya luke and missin u more evryday xxxx

  9. hi its rosie i jst wanted 2 say sorry 4 ova reactin its hard wen sum1 u luv deeply dies every misses luke and stills thinks they r gonna c him comin round the coner or dwn the rec or in twn,
    no1 really red wat u rote proply, well not me newayz, r.i.p luke luv u alwayz miss u loads x x x

  10. Hi Rosie

    Hope u r ok. I hope also that u had an ok summer and that u didn’t miss Lukey 2 much. We misd him teribly. I hve hd 2 stop wrkin so I was at home all sumr. I think that Luke wld hve enjoyd that. Or not! Of cors it wld hve ment that I was at hme 2 kp a gd eye on him but I think that he wld hve enjoyd me b ing around!!!

    Wotevr, thrs nothin I can do abt the wot Luke thot abt things I can only imagine, but luv him if he knew that he was dead he wld b soooo gutted!!! He just luvd life and luvd e’thing that life had 2 offr. But thr we r it’s hapnd and there is nothign we can do 2 bring him bk we just hve 2 deal with it, but if u or ur friends want 2 cum 2 the hse at any poin the plse give me a ring and let me know.

    I think abt u all every day and hope that u r all findin a way of dealing with losing such a luvly person.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Much luv


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