Just when all us brits thought it would never happen to us..
The threat of the law coming down on us for internet piracy has started.
A mail was circulated around the centre today, totally legitimately from Paramount Pictures, or at least, a company called BayTsp, working on behalf of Paramount.

In this mail, they listed the offenders IP, what he had downloaded and using what program/network.
The offending network was one that I use very often for getting large files, eDonkey.
In this email, they asked for us to discontinue the persons internet service, let him know why, and report it back to them.
I didn’t get time to read the entire mail, but I’m sure that was the jist of it. No prosecution involved.
But still, pretty nasty, getting dumped from your ISP after you’ve spent money on installation, modem etc. (If you have broadband).

So, my advice, use Kazaa Lite and I’ll keep you updated on the issue of piracy.
How great is it to work for an ISP.


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